About me

Hello, My name is Alex Pansin. I used to live in Kemerovo, Russia, but just a bit of time ago I relocated to Tallin, Estonia to join Vaimo team.

The main reason why this blog exists is my weak memory: please consider the content of the blog just the same way as napkin notes.

A bit of CV-like stuff

Highly experienced web software engineer with ~10 years of experience in building web applications and services with a proven ability to deliver stable and maintainable code.

Experience in Software backend development using PHP, Object-Oriented Design with a bit of Functional Programming, Application Architecture and System Analysis, Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools.

My skill set consists of:

  • Architecture of web applications with best practices and mixture of object oriented and functional approaches
  • Refactoring and maintenance of legacy code
  • System analysis of business requirements and producing tech specifications from those requirements
  • Microservices architecture
  • Just a bit of knowledge in UX: it helps me to build more responsive and usable interfaces
  • Experience with teamwork tools like git, mercurial etc
  • Experience with plenty of frameworks: Symfony, Laravel (just a bit), Silex, Kohana, etc…

As for personality, I am team player, I can be (and actually I am) a tech leader of a team. I like to share my expertise and knowledge with others and I like to gain a knowledge from my teammates.

Working Now

My current job position is Backend Developer at Vaimo(Tallin, Estonia).

Side projects

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About Alex Panshin
Software Engineer from Russia. Interested in PHP, Scala, microservices and Big/Fast Data stuff.