Swiftmailer Configuration In Symfony

Ok, I’m tired of forgetting this and struggling with mailer errors. I need to write this down somewhere.

Default Symfony configuration for SwiftMailer looks like this in app/config/config.yml:

    transport: "%mailer_transport%"
    host: "%mailer_host%"
    username: "%mailer_user%"
    password: "%mailer_password%"
    spool: { type: memory }

The main problem here is absent parameters for encryption and auth_mode. When you need to create encrypted connection with SMTP server you need to add these parameters in two places:


    smtp mailer_host: smtp.example.org 
    mailer_port: ~ 
    mailer_user: no-reply@example.org 
    mailer_password: * 
    mailer_encryption: ssl 
    mailer_auth_mode: login

And in app/config/config.yml:

    transport: %mailer_transport% 
    host: %mailer_host% 
    port: %mailer_port% 
    username: %mailer_user% 
    encryption: %mailer_encryption% 
    auth_mode: %mailer_auth_mode% 
    password: %mailer_password% 
    spool: { type: memory }

I’m getting myself caught in this trap in every single project I develop on top of Symfony. We need to get better defaults for this shit.

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