Simplify Your Tests With Custom Assertions

Did you ever have to write tests with quiet complex assertions? I mean when you need to perform some calculations to decide if actual value is ok. If so, you obviously thought that your test is looking kinda weird and heavy.

But there is a way to significantly improve readability of all tests, even the most complex and ugly ones.

Fabien Introduces Blackfire Advent

Hi there! Today I’ve just read great news (Yeah, I’m slowpoke a bit)! Fabien Potencier, lead developer of Symfony, anounced new advent calendar about Blackfire a week ago. If you don’t know, Blackfire is a profiler for PHP projects. You still trying to profile something with Xdebug (or do not use profiler at all)? That advent is a great chance to start in a very concise and fluent way. As for today, we have 7 articles written in 24 Days of Blackfire documentation chapter.

Compile Assets With Capistrano

Hi there!

I have a project with lots of compiled assets: sprites, stylesheets and javascripts. This causes big pain in our deployment process due to overall instability in nodejs world. I actually cannot figure out why my asset-builder just fails without any reason on production server.

By the way, compiling assets on server-side is quite a bad idea just because developer has less control on production server than on his own machine. That’s why I think it’s better to compile the assets on developer side.

File Upload With Guzzle

Hi there! After a very long pause I have to say something new!

Ok, the task is to upload a file to the remote API server. Here in my project some dependencies are using Guzzle of 3.x branch, so that this tutorial is about this branch too.